Mirror Theatre

Mirror Theatre provides a refreshing and energetic mix of dance, pantomime, humor and improvisation. This brand new theatre production is ‘feel good show’ which can be played at all sorts of venues and events to all kinds of audiences and age groups. Great for all outdoor events and even corporate events.
Six members of the Mirror Family bring a spectacular  theatre show that catches the attention with a “never seen before” combination of amazing costumes,  silent theatre and slapstick. Using the motto ‘they are something people will never forget’, they will show a ‘small piece of their lives’ to the audience.

This original  show combines imaginative visual humor, eccentric dance and movement, masks, visual illusion and hilarious audience participation numbers, all performed in a delightfully animated style which has captivated audiences and continues to generate laughter wherever they perform. The performer’s movements, surreal costumes, sound and light work together to induce a fantasy experience, playing with visual perception to take the viewer on a powerful trip through transformation…

Mirror People perform a beautifully choreographed routine which tells a story describing their ‘normal day’. You will see breakfast at Mirror Family, the way they clean their mirrors, time spent at hairdresser’s, the way they dance, do exercises, play music….The first ever –  Mirror Theatre Stage Show Production.

Show Information

GENRE: Dance-pantomime theatre
CAST: 6 (5 actors/dancers & 1 stilt walker), professional actors & dancers in mirror costumes
SHOW DURATION: 5-30 min. show

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